All Major works


HAYDN : All major Symphonies, Concertante Symphony for oboe, violin, basson and cello. Piano concerto.

MOZART : All major symphonies, Concertante Symphony for violin and viola.
Violin and Piano concertos. Dances. Concertante Symphony for winds and orchestra.
“Concert Aria” for Double bass and Bass singer.
Overture: Cosi fan tutte. Il nozze del Figaro. Don Giovanni.
Opera: Don Giovanni- Il nozze del figaro, Cosi fan tutte. Bastien Bastienne.

BEETHOVEN : Symphony Nr 1-2-4-5-6-7- Piano concertos. Violin concerto.Triple concerto for Violin, Piano and cello.
Romances for violin and orchestra.

SCHUBERT : Symphony: Nr 1-2-4-5- 8 “unfinished”.

MENDELSSOHN : Symphony Nr 3 and 4. “ Songe d’une nuit d’été” (Night summer dream).
Piano concertos. Violin concerto(E minor). Piano and violin concerto.

BRAHMS : Symphony Nr 2-3-4. Violin concerto. Double Concerto for Violin and Cello. Piano concertos. Rhapsody for Alto
orchestra and men choir. “Nanie” poem for choir and orchestra Op 82 . “Ein Deutsches Requiem”.

GRIEG : “ Peer Gynt”. Piano concerto. “Mélodies Elégiaques” for Strings.

SCHUMANN : Symphony Nr 2 Nr 3 . “Manfred overture”. Piano concerto. Cello concerto.

TCHAIKOWSKY : Symphony Nr 2 Nr 6 . Piano concerto Nr 1. Violin concerto. Rocco variations for cello and orchetra. Serenade for Strings. Romeo and Juliett.

DVORAK : “New World Symphony” Nr 8. Slaves Dances. Serenade for strings. Cello concerto.

WAGNER : Prelude from “Tristan and Isolde” Lohengrin overture. Tanhaüser overture- Siegfried Idill.

VERDI : La Forzza del Destino (overture). Requiem.

R. STRAUSS : Till Eulenspiegel- Metamorphoses(for 23 stringed instruments). Concertos for Horn. Concerto for oboe.
Four last Lieder. “Morgen”op 27 Nr4 for soprano and orchestra.

STRAVINSKY : “Fire Bird”(1919).

ROSSINI : Overture from the Barber of Seville.

DEBUSSY : “Prélude à l’après midi d’un faune”. 6 Antic Epigraph for stringed instruments (Arrangement by Jean françois Paillard).

RAVEL : “Pavane pour une infante défunte ». Ma mère l’Oye. Le tombeau de Couperin.
“Le Bolero”. Concerto in G for piano and orchestra. “Tzigane” Fantasy for violin and orchestra. Introduction et Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet and strings.

FRANCK : Symphony in D minor.

LEKEU : Adagio for string quartet (version strings only).

E. CHAUSSON : « Poème de l’amour et de la mer »”Op 19. Poème for violin and orchestra.

ENESCO : Roumanian Rhapsody.

G. FAURE : “Requiem”. Ballade for piano and orchestra. Elégie for cello and orchestra.

A.DESENCLOS : “Requiem”. Vitrail.

ELGAR : Violin concerto.

FALLA : 3 dances from Tricorn. L’amour sorcier.

LALO : Spanish Symphony for violin and orchestra. Overture from “The king of Ys”.

PROKOFIEFF : Symphony Nr 1 “Classic”op 25 – Symphony Nr 5 op 100. Violin concertos Nr 1 and 2.
Piano concerto Nr 2 op 16.

HINDEMITH : “Trauer Musik” for viola and strings.

MOUSSORSKY/Ravel : « Tableaux d’ une exposition ».

BORODINE : Polovtsian Dances from Prince IGOR.

MAHLER : “Adagietto” from Symphony Nr 5 Chemin du compagnon errant for Baritone and orchestra.
« Kinder Toten Lieder ».

P. DUKAS : « L’apprenti Sorcier ». Polyeucte Overture.

BERLIOZ : Symphonie Fantastique. Nuits d’été (Summer Nights). Carnaval Romain Béatrice and Bénédicte.

HONNEGER : Symphony for Strings and Trumpet.

BIZET : Symphony « in ut. ». Overture from “Arlesianne”.

SAINT-SAENS : Symphony with orgel. Piano concertos. Violin concerto Nr 3. Cello concerto bminor.” Havanaise” and “Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso” for violin and orchestra.

BRUCKNER : Symphony Nr 8.

BERG : 7 Frühe Lieder. Concerto « A la mémoire d’un Ange » for violin and orchestra.

SCHOSTAKOVITCH : Concerto for piano Strings and trumpet. Symphony for strings 110A(Transcription Barchaï).

ROUSSEL : Symphony in G minor Op 42 “Le Festin de l’araignée”. « Bacchus and Ariane” Op 43 (2nd Suite). Sinfonietta for strings.

BERNSTEIN : Serenade for violin percussion Harp and strings.“Jeremiha” Symphony.

GÖRECKY : Symphony Nr 3 for piano strings and soprano.

LUTOSLAVSKY : “Trauer Music” for strings.

MARTINU : Sonata Da Camera for cello and little Orchestra.

POULENC : Gloria. Concerto for Organ and Strings.

SCHÖNBERG : “ Transfigured night” for strings.

DUTILLEUX : Mystère de l’instant for Cymbalum Timpani and orchestra.

XENAKIS : “For the Whale”.

TORÜ TAKEMITSU : Requiem for string orchestra.