Bernard Wacheux leads a triple career as a violinist soloist/chamber player, conductor and teacher.

After his early musical studies he practiced the art of violin with Roland Charmy and René Benedetti professors at the National superior Conservatory of Paris. Then he perfected his art at the Royal Conservatory of Music Brussels in the class of Master ARTHUR GRUMIAUX. Later he will follow the music sessions and educational with TIBOR VARGA.
Bernard Wacheux started his career in Germany where he taught violin at “Siegen,Musik Schule”, formed a duo with pianist Hiroshi Kajiwara and Perform as soloist with the orchestras of Frankfurt and Koblenz under the baton of G. Schraeder which he became the student then his assistant for Conducting.

Back in France he improves in conducting with the French conductor Robert Delcroix-Professor at the National Superior Music Conservatory of Paris-of which he became assistant. At the same time he also conducts the orchestra “County of Flandres”, in France.
Then, he was appointed professor of violin at the National Conservatory of Lille - France and conducted the Chamber Orchestra as well as the orchestra of Festival for the Italian music flms for the world twin cities event. Meanwhile B. Wacheux form the "Alpha Piano Trio” and the “Lille String Quartet” with whom he performed throughout France and several European countries. He also gives master classes in violin and chamber music at the National Festival of Music in St. Cere (Lot) and leads the orchestra of the Lyric festival.
Meanwhile, B- Wacheux, conducted the orchestra of Antananarivo (Madagascar) of which he is a founding member and with whom he performed throughout the island. Then he became president of the French branch of ESTA (European String Teachers Association), chaired for all Europe by Sir Yehudi Menuhin and from whom he will receive musical advices as a pedagogue, violinist and conductor.
For 10 years Bernard Wacheux leads the Orchestra “The French Soloists” that he took in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey and India. He is also the artistic director for the Foundation "Mozart Opera" which he is used to Conducting representations. His concert tours include countries of: France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Netherland, Madagascar, Morocco, Turkey, the U.S.A and India. B. Wacheux is currently the music director of the Madras Chamber Orchestra that he takes regularly touring the major cities of India.

Bernard Wacheux is also a jazz lover, art that he has been "performing since his yougest age both on saxophone and violin respectively follower of John Coltrane and Stephane Grappelli. He played with Bill Coleman, Jimmy Gourley, Clark Terry and Sonny Costanzo (Both from the Duke Ellington Orchestra), Rick Margitza ( from the last Miles Davis band), Jeff Gardner(American pianist and Composer), Michel Legrand.
In addition B. Wacheux is part of an Indo western fusion trio with Great Indian Artists Manosh Bardan on Tabla and Dehbi Prasad on Sarod. Bernard Wacheux has appeared on several T.V programs in France, Germany, Turkey, India.