Founded in 1975 and after a long silence the orchestra was revived in 2008 with the good will of Bernard Wacheux- its musical director- and the one of the musicians.

The magic moment for Bernard Wacheux came when he was inspired to revive The Madras Chamber Orchestra M.C.O. The enthusiasm for getting an almost all Indian Orchestra on its leg has made him work many long hours including multiple travels from France to India. Today M.C.O is reborn and stands for all of us to enjoy and learn from.

The western classical musicians of the city, recognizing Bernard Wacheux rare capacity and vision, have now gathered Under his leadership and formed the city’s first string orchestra « Madras Chamber Orchestra» having 24 professional musicians. Under his leadership the orchestra has resumed strenght and vigor and for nearly 4 years, the majority of the best musicians in Chennai have decided to pool their talents around him. Under his bâton the M.C.O has already given many concerts all over India. The orchestra, through sustained work in a Professional manner, directed regularly by Bernard Wacheux has become an orchestra of national level, which the country can be proud of now.

The M.C.O western repertoire spreads from the 18th century to nowdays. But it also has the specificity to play Indian original compositions specially written for stringed instruments.
The Madras Chamber Orchestra is the only orchestra composed of Indians and it is recognised as one of the best in India.