A teenager Bernard Wacheux feels the need to share what he already knows that his first teacher from the great Franco-Belgian school has passed. B.Wacheux will perfect the art of violin pedagogy, first with Parisians masters: Roland Charmy and René Benedetti professors at the National Music Conservatory of Paris and at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels (Belgium) with the Grand Master “Arthur Grumiaux” great representative of the Franco-Belgian school. It is also at this time that he discovered the great representatives of the Soviet School of violin.
His meeting with “Tibor Varga”, famous Hungarian violinist and pedagogue, famous significantly will complement its educational investigations. Back to France Bernard Wacheux teaches at the National Conservatory of Lille where he will train many students and send them to the most famous schools : Paris, London, Brussels, Geneva, Prague, Montreal, Bloomington, Stanford, Eastman School .. .
The consecration of his teaching career is when he will become President of the European String Teachears Association under the aegis of Sir “Yehudi Menuhin”.